Creating HDR Panoramic Photographs Part 2 – Processing the Images

This is the final part in a series about HDR Panoramic Photographs, which is distributed between this site and If you missed the first two parts, you may read them here:

Throughout the article are supplementary images. Click on the images to view them at full size.

Welcome to the final installment of “Creating HDR Panoramic Photographs”! Now comes the part where we find out just how well we did shooting and start the merging process.

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How to get amazing detail in your photographs

This is the first of a 3 part series on HDR Panoramic Photographs, which will be distributed between this site and Links to the corresponding parts will be added to the article as they are published.

Throughout the article are supplementary images. Click on the images to view them at full size.

Lately as my photos have been getting more exposure, I am finding a common theme emerging; “These images have so much crisp detail! How do you get them like this?”. To me, this is a good response as it means my images are making people think both from a technical sense and an artistic sense. While I have tried to find a good way to explain my workflow, it can sometimes be lost on people without a visual reference. What follows is my more detailed explanation along with a bit of contextual history. It’s going to be a pretty long read, so now’s your chance to go grab a cup of coffee. Go ahead! I’ll wait. 
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Adding extra artistry to your prints

An in-depth perspective to thinking outside the box

It all began last summer at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market, when I was chatting with a fellow photographer friend at her booth. Sue Muldoon ( was showing me her latest project which I thought was super cool on a couple different levels. Sue had wonderfully and painstakingly reclaimed several antique windows as rustic looking frames for her prints. Not only is this cool from a visual sense, but it’s also a green method of thinking. Reclaiming old items helps with recycling and keeping our footprint as artists down more than before! Framing this way adds an artistic flair to your photos (for when you need to convince laymen that photography truly is art) and if paired with the right photo will really make you stand apart from the average photographer. So how do you go about reclaiming a window as a frame? Let’s fast forward a bit to last Fall where the process began for me…

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