Dan Villeneuve at Maplefest in Hebron, CT

Dan Villeneuve at Maplefest in Hebron, CT

Originally from New Hampshire, Dan Villeneuve is a freelance photographer based near Hartford, CT. His primary focus is on natural, ambiently lit subjects.

Growing up, pencil and charcoal drawing was his primary visual outlet. During High School and College, Dan studied mechanical and architectural drafting with hopes of incorporating his love for drawing in a career. It wasn’t until working for a motion capture company that the transition to computer based image manipulation and digital graphic arts came to his attention. From there, photography was a natural transition for the desired source material that would be used to produce his end product. Dan is 100% self taught in both photography and editing, crediting Brian Peterson’s books as his primary reference for learning proper photographic technique.

Some of Dan’s favorite things to photograph include: candid people scenes, wooded locations, mountains, waterfalls, mechanical tools, farms, military related items, and historical sites in the New England area.

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